Registration of limited partnerships and other types of companies

We help with the registration of limited partnerships and other types of companies. We also provide a full range of consulting services for the preparation of all documents necessary for a fast setting-up of a company that will meet all you needs. We have a long-standing experience in companies’ registration. We offer online registration of a limited liability company within 24 hours or the registration in the form of a notarial deed. You can find the differences between the online registration and registering a company through a notary below:



Company registration

  Online registration     Traditional registration
Registration time 24 hours in theory, 3 days in practice Depending on a Court, up to 2 months
Articles of association In accordance with a sample – little possibilities of changes Any form of Articles of association
Could be set up by legal personality YES YES
Could be set up by a foreigner YES YES
PCC tax (0,5%) Without notary In the presence of a notary public
Possibility to make changes online Yes NO
Possibility to sell shares online Yes, after updating E-KRS system NO
Price of setting up with all court payments

900 PLN net

1 800 PLN net


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